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InfoWOW 1 – Managing Expectations

One of the best strategies to create a WOW effect to people who are important to you!

The WOW is a moment of wonder and delight that we all want to experience as often as possible in our lives! One of the best ways to create a WOW effect to people important to you is to lower (reasonably) their expectations in order to impress them more easily! One of the outstanding results of our research indicates that the propensity to say WOW depends first and foremost on one thing: our expectations! Individuals and businesses that positively surprise people are masters in the art of lowering expectations. To the least, they don’t promise too much!

To easily create a WOW effect, lower people’s expectations. Promise less and give more. It is usually in your best interest to promise a little less and offer more than you promised. It is true in business, friendship and love (and on this subject, I leave you the leisure to find your own examples…!). McDonald’s understood the concept! For instance, even if the estimated time for preparing a McChicken is 4 minutes, their policy is to tell you that it will be ready in 5 minutes! Customers are most likely to be thrilled! If you work at a car dealership, don’t tell your customer you’re going to clean their car as an extra in advance, just do it! Do not tell your colleagues that you will bring them a surprise the next day, just bring it! Do not tell to your children all the special activities that you organize for them, surprise them! The opportunities to WOW people are endless. Everyday you can find creative ways to promise less and offer more!

To make a WOW, under-promise and over-deliver!

Two funny ads!

A commercial that shows that people sometimes have different expectations

Before lowering people’s expectations (reasonably) to better impress them, it is important to know them. The expectations of people who are important to you (e.g., customers, employees, colleagues, friends, family, etc.) are very different from one another. Here is an advertisement which shows that people’s expectations and their motivations to act can be very different from one person to another…

A commercial that shows that a WOW can improve your enthusiasm

Living a WOW moment can be powerful enough to change a person’s mood! Why is the WOW effect so impactful? It’s simple, at the end of our lives, we will especially remember (if not only) the WOWs we experienced!
I bet you can tell me vivid memories of your first love, of a time when you laughed so hard, of your reaction when you got your driver’s license! I am also convinced that the best concert you’ve been to will forever be etched in your memory! These WOW moments have the power to boost our enthusiasm!

A reading recommendation to be more efficient and productive!

In my humble opinion, «The 4 hour workweek» by Tim Ferriss is a must! This book helps us rethink our perspective on work, our vision of money, our definition of freedom and our lifestyle. Practical examples, real cases, websites, tools to automate your income… a lot of things in this book has the power to revolutionize our habits.
Obviously, not all of the tips suggested in the book apply to everyone. Still, if like me, you apply 10% of what Tim Ferriss offers in his book, you will have much more time for you! Enjoy your reading!

An inspiring and touching video!

Here is a video that touched me greatly. It illustrates the beauty of perseverance and the fact that « presence » is the most beautiful demonstration of love that one can offer! I wasn’t expecting the ending so I went WOOOOOW!

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