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InfoWOW 5 – Benefits of Listening

A simple strategy to create more WOW effects around you!

What is a human being’s favorite topic of conversation? Himself. When we look at a group photo of which we are a part, who do we tend to look at first? Ourselves. You will provoke more WOWs in two months by genuinely taking an interest in people than you could in two years by trying to look interesting1.
One of our researches shows that the word most frequently used during phone discussions between two people is « I », which is used nine times more often than « YOU ». The Apple company did not name its products with « I » (e.g., Iphone, Ipad, etc.) for nothing! Of all the means used to create a WOW effect to individuals, being interested in them is certainly one of the most important one!
Now, here’s a simple and efficient strategy to make people confide more in you: Start your questions with «out of curiosity». Your questions will seem less threatening and much more informal. Instead of saying to a friend, «Why are you late?» You might ask, «Out of curiosity, why are you late?». Do you see a difference between these two questions? Which is more peaceful in your opinion?
It’s also much easier to be convincing when you start by asking questions and listening. When I was shopping for a house after my daughter was born, I was appalled by the willingness of real estate brokers to be interesting (in opposition to «interested»). Too often I have been praised the merits of a large lot, fashionable colors, numerous kitchen cabinets, etc. It would have been so much easier and more efficient for the broker to have paid attention to my needs. What mattered most to me was living in a safe family neighborhood for the sake of my beautiful little girl. To convince a client, a neighbor, a friend or even a spouse, you will be persuasive and effective in your argument if you take the time to know your interlocutor in the first place.

To create a WOW effect, be interested rather than interesting. Too many people fall into the trap of trying to impress at all costs. When we speak, we please sometimes. When we listen, we please all the time! Especially when you do it with enthusiasm!

1 This sentence is adapted from the successful book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Two funny commercials!

Children are great at capturing the attention of their parents! To get them interested, they can sometimes use meandering ways that even manage to capture the attention of a crowd of strangers in a department store, much to the desperation of the parent! For children, receiving attention is so important that they will sometimes prefer to be reprimanded rather than being ignored.
So to all parents, I offer these two videos!
For my part, I LOVED how the parent reacts in the second video. And you?

A touching video!

This video reminds us of the importance of disconnecting to better connect with the people we love! The smiles in this video are revealing! One of the best gift we can give people is to be interested in them! It is a gift that is also called « being present ».

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