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InfoWOW 4 – Passion and Enthusiasm

Passion + Enthusiasm = WOW!

After spending 10 years studying WOW effects, there is only one truth that applies to almost any situation: enthusiastic and passionate people are the ones who cause the most WOW effects! Whether you are a cashier, a musician, an athlete or a doctor … whoever you are, if you are dynamic and energetic, you are probably someone who is admired and who causes WOW effects to others!
Observe the dazzled physiotherapist in front of a patient who is taking his first steps, the smiling artist in front of his canvas, the gardener crouching in his garden playing with his flowers, the mathematician who marvels at the sight of a problem to be solved or the stars in the eyes of the fisherman leaving the wharf. WOW!
Nothing extraordinary has been accomplished without enthusiasm!
The beauty of enthusiasm is that it is contagious! If you want to spread WOWs, just convey your enthusiasm. Color your discussions with a dynamist style that will bring an instant smile to the person in front of you! For example:
  • « How are you? » – « FANTASTIC! I’m REALLY doing great! »
  • « You are married? » – “YES! With the most EXTRAORDINARY woman in the world! »
  • « What do you do for a living » – « I am a speaker and I LOVE it!!! »
When you’re overflowed with enthusiasm and passion, you easily create a WOW effect! You become a magnet and others are inevitably attracted to you. It’s nice to convey the enthusiasm because it’s very contagious!
And you? What do you do to stay passionate and enthusiastic?
Thank you for reading this and I take this opportunity to wish you a WONDERFUL day!

Three funny videos!

Here are three videos that show that we are not all passionate and enthusiastic for the same reasons.

Man and woman can demonstrate their enthusiasm with different degrees of intensity! The first video illustrates very well that the triggers of enthusiasm can vary considerably from one person to another!
In the second video, I challenge you not to laugh or smile after just 20 seconds! Are you ready? Click!
In the third video, Steve Ballmer, then CEO of Microsoft, was renowned for expressing his unrestrained enthusiasm! He understood that enthusiasm can be very contagious! This video shows him jumping on the stage of a conference to the rhythm of a song by Gloria Estefan. The video instantly went viral on the Internet. Even if this style of leadership does not please everyone, we must admit that the atmosphere in the room was boosted!

A touching video of passion and dedication!

Here’s a classic story of passion and dedication! As of 2016, father and son Dick and Rick Hoyt had competed together in over 1,125 endurance events. This includes more than 71 marathons as well as seven Ironman triathlons. The story is particularly remarkable because of the father’s devotion to his wheelchair-bound son and how their bond inspired millions of people worldwide! As you can see in the video, during the swim, the father tows his son in a 5-foot-long rubber inflatable boat, with a tow line attached to a belt around his waist. Then on the bike, the son sits in a seat in front of the specially built bike, and in a three-wheel chair for the run. Does this great lesson in love and humanity have an effect that propels you too?

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