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InfoWOW 2 – The Last Impression

The last impression is much more important than the first impression!

Have you ever heard of the importance of the first impression? And the last impression? Contrary to popular belief, I will try here to convince you that the last impression is much more powerful than the first impression!

Have you ever noticed that the best moments of a music show or fireworks are often at the end? Whether it’s Cirque du Soleil, The Rolling Stones, or any blockbuster movie, WOW moments most often occur at the very end of an event.
In short, contrary to popular saying, you will never have a second chance to make a good… last impression! In fact, if you want to create a WOW effect more easily (whether in person, on the phone, or by email), the main focus should be on the last impression, as this is the lasting impression we remember the most.

My suggestion is therefore simple: Finish strong! Are you meeting one of your colleagues or clients? Finish strong! Are you planning a meeting with your employees? Finish strong! Do you have an appointment with an important prospect? Finish strong! Are you planning a romantic evening? I let you imagine your scenarios to finish strong 😊. Do you organize an annual conference with your team? Finish very strong!

Would you appreciate a film that starts very well, that is normal afterwards, but which ends badly? How would you react when attending a sports game where your favorite team would start the game admirably, get out of breath a bit and finish the game with a defeat? While the first impression is important, my goal is to convince you that the last impression is way more important to create a WOW Effect!

To create a WOW, finish strong!

Two funny ads!

Two ads that show that the last impression is also important for couples!

In the previous section, we highlighted the importance of « finishing strong » in our professional life. The fact remains that this principle applies as much in our personal lives (romantic relationship, family life, friendships, etc.). By watching these two videos, you will be able to judge if a WOW is more a matter of first or last impression!

A reading recommendation that inspires and does not expire!

This book is a classic that I which I’d read at a much younger age! This is an old book (published in 1936) whose real-life examples are obviously a bit outdated (ok, very outdated!), but where several of the human-related principles are still so relevant!
It is a masterpiece of reflections, ideas and fundamental concepts for improving our relationships with others and I highly recommend it! This book has sold over 45 million copies worldwide!
Warning: If you intend to buy «How to Win Friends» at the store, you may feel embarrassed in front of the cashier (with such a book title)!

A touching video!

In the previous sections, we mainly talked about the importance of the last impression during specific situations (e.g., a meeting, an event, a voice message, an email, etc.). Here is an inspiring video that shows that the last impression is also important in the long run with the people we love!

I dedicate this video to my mother who left us recently (and much too soon!). My friends, what do you do in your life so that the people you love will remember great things about you? Enjoy the video!

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