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Jasmin the Keynote Speaker

An Internationally Known Canadian Keynote Speaker!

Jasmin Bergeron, Ph.D, CSP is a veteran of more than 2000 keynote presentations and workshops in 12 countries worldwide!

On July 24, 2016, in Phoenix, Arizona, Jasmin Bergeron received his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, which is the highest international designation that can be earned in the professional speaker industry worldwide.

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Jasmin Bergeron WOW! Conférencier Québécois 001
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A Practical, Efficient and Innovative Approach!

Jasmin Bergeron, Ph.D. is known for his humorous and practical approach. Our vast experience shows that attendees remember his tips, tools and advice for a long time!

After Jasmin’s presentation, participants can quickly apply what they have learned and above all, they are motivated and ready to tackle new challenges! Jasmin also offers a memory aid, which is a tool much appreciated by his clients.

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A Bilingual, Dynamic and Energizing Speaker!

Jasmin can speak in English, in French, and… in both languages in the same presentation if need be. If your audience is bilingual, you simply tell us what percentage of the two languages you prefer and Jasmin takes care of the rest.

Jasmin is great at bonding quickly with his audience. The interaction with the participants and the humor he uses will strongly contribute to the success of your event. With Jasmin, fun, entertainment and practical takeaways are guaranteed!

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Some Interesting Numbers

  • Record number of keynotes and workshops offered to the same company: 262!

  • Smallest number of participants for whom I was hired: 4
  • Latest time I started a keynote: 11:30 PM (in front of a tipsy audience after a Christmas party – not a good idea 😉)

  • Shortest presentation: 15 minutes (yes, at the same Christmas party!)
  • Record number of keynotes in one week: 15
  • Number of times Jasmin will agree to give 15 keynotes in a week again: Zero 😊
  • Maximum type of transports to get to a single event: 4 (car, plane, taxi and… touk-touk)
  • Number of encores (yes, an encore!): +/- 25… and I’m surprised each single time 😃

A Passionate Speaker who Customizes his Presentations!

Jasmin is attentive to the needs and expectations of his clients and he prepares each of his presentations in collaboration with them. Jasmin likes to answer his clients’ questions and knows how to guide them to ensure the success of their events. Jasmin is an experienced speaker who excels at adapting to diverse audiences. The duration of his presentations can also be customized according to customer needs.

Jasmin has given speeches in front of wide variety of audiences! The testimonials of satisfied customers not only constitute his greatest pride, but also his most authentic and compelling advertisement! Jasmin’s ultimate goal is to WOW people who will in turn WOW others!

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Jasmin Bergeron WOW! Passionné 005
Jasmin Bergeron WOW! Passionné 003

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