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InfoWOW 3 – Perception Management

The importance of perceptions to create WOW effects around you!

Do you sometimes do extraordinary things for people (e.g., your customers or your boss), without them realizing it? What is it worth? Unfortunately, almost nothing! A WOW effect is first and foremost a question of perception! Therefore, the important message here: Subtly, make sure people are aware what you do for them. In the world of WOWs, reality does not exist. We manage perceptions!

For years, I’ve asked business owners the following question: « What do your customers buy? » I then hear all kinds of answers like « our service », « our quality products » or « our prices ». However, they are mistaken. Consumers do not buy a service, a product or a price. They buy their perception of the service, their perception of the product or their perception of the price. It’s very different. After delivering more than 2000 keynotes and workshops many different industries, I have noticed that the people who create a WOW effect easily are particularly good at managing people’s perceptions of what they do. People who are successful are not always those who do more, but those who make sure that people are aware that they do more!

In a previous InfoWOW edition, we explained the essential role of managing expectations to cause a WOW effect! To be specific, the satisfaction of the people around you is measured by the difference between their expectations and their perceptions of what you do for them. In short, a WOW effect depends on expectations, but also on people’s perceptions. Fortunately, just like with expectations, it is possible to manage perceptions!

Do you do extraordinary things for people? If you want to create a WOW, make sure they know it! Are you thinking of a client during your vacation? Tell him! Are you consulting a colleague or an expert to give a client more sound advice? Tell him! Do you work on a file for a few hours during a weekend, drop a word to the people concerned! How do you want people to say « WOW! » if they are not aware of your actions? A WOW effect is a matter of perception!

A reading recommendation to change your perception… of perceptions!

This book provides the insight and tools needed to improve the perception that customers have about the quality of products and services. It underlines the importance of looking at quality from a customer-centric perspective. In the book, the authors make a good effort to connect enhanced customer perception and business profitability.

A touching and inspiring video!

In this video, a woman manages people’s perceptions to encourage them to help a blind person. When you become skilled at managing perceptions, you can make a significant difference in the lives of others, without much effort and for free! The simplicity and the power of concept of perception management is often fascinating when we observe the results obtained!

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